Leadership and management training in Durham and throughout the UK

Tony Green – the Commercial Commando – I train, develop and inspire leaders. I help companies to manage their people to the best of their abilities – to get the most out of them.

I bring both the academic understanding and the practical application of leadership and management to my training. I have been tested in some of the most stressful situations possible.

I was a Royal Marine for 8 years, seeing active service in the Falklands and a Chief Inspector of a large police force which was the culmination of 25 years in that sector.

With a degree in Leadership and Management I combine this experience with academic understanding of Leadership, Motivation, Management and Diversity to increase performance.

Clients can choose from a range of half, full or multi – day modules designed to align with their specific needs. Additionally, bespoke modules are available in consultation with clients ensuring their exact and exacting requirements are fully met. We can support specific Continuous Professional Development (CPD) objectives.

Whether it’s what to wear or simply to prepare for a crucial business meeting, how to motivate and manage teams to ensure excellent performance or simply maintaining momentum Tony Green Associates is equipped to provide the skills development that your business needs. The results are more competent managers, with the self-confidence and ability to delegate with enhanced performance management skills.

Choose from the range of options above or get in touch to discover how Tony Green – the Commercial Commando can help your business.




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