About me

Tony Green, was a Royal Marine Commando for almost 8 years in the 1980’s. In that time he endured the bloody streets of West Belfast before taking part in the Falklands War of 1982. There he experienced, was exposed to and learned the value of leadership in the most stressful and harrowing of circumstances: the Battle of Two Sisters.

Tony’s leadership philosophy was forged in the Marines and the cauldron of the Falklands War where he was inspired by numerous examples of selfless and courageous leadership underpinned by effective teamwork.

After the Royal Marines, Tony joined the police and achieved senior rank, working in CID and a variety of testing front line roles. During this period Tony earned a reputation for leading from the front and sharing the hardships and hard – shifts with his teams.

The principles of leadership absorbed by Tony in the Royal Marines and further developed in the police were translated and transplanted into a commercially relevant framework. The framework has been delivered to UK and international organisations from both private and public sectors and is underpinned by a BA (Hons) in Leadership and Management.

Additionally, Tony is an acknowledged expert in Diversity training regimes and its relevance to the 21st Century workforce.

Tony is a charismatic and compelling Keynote Speaker and has an extensive portfolio of Leadership, Management and Diversity workshops applicable to a range of audiences.

With over 32 years of leadership and management in arduous and extreme situations, Tony is that rare combination of real life experience allied with a personable, enthusiastic delivery style.


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