Change Management

” If you dislike change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less”

Change management in an increasingly fluid and dynamic business environment is critical to success. An inability to adapt, to recognise change and to shape your activities to match can be the nemesis to the enterprise. Responding to change, communicating the vision to the team and embedding it into your everyday activities are essential to avoid disaster. Being an effective leader requires the ability to see change and react to it in a timely manner by creating and managing structures to do so.

I will introduce you to change models which will enable your business to successfully implement and adapt to the business environment. You will learn how to introduce change, how to maintain staff ‘buy in’ and how to maintain continuity and momentum throughout the process. In so doing you will minimise disruption to your customers and staff.



  • Which change model suits you?
  • How to inspire your team to embrace change.
  • Different responses to change & how to manage them?
  • Staying focused on the end result.
  • SMART goals and SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievement, Relevant, Timed)